A Proper Autumn Sunday

Its been a while since we have had the opportunity to do nothing on a Sunday, especially on a Sunday when its dry and the sun is out!.  So, we took advantage of the weather and headed out to Glencorse Reservoir, which is out in the Pentlands near the Flotterstone Inn.

We had a beautiful walk up to and round the reservoir, there were plenty of people about and some men doing a spot of fishing!.  It was a proper Autumn day, sunny with a chill in the air.


Afterwards we headed back home to the warmth, endless cups of tea and the newspaper for him, and magazines for me – did I mention we are on Page 92 of this months Jamie Magazine?


To end the day, we had a proper Roast Dinner with a juicy joint of beef (not bad for a recovering vegetarian)


And to finish Rhubarb Crumble, with Rhubarb from my father-in-laws garden, topped with yummy custard! If only every Sunday could be like this!