Japan Part 1: Hiroshima

Watching the Japanese Grand Prix on Sunday reminded me of our holiday to Japan in May, and the fact that I never posted about it! So here at last is the first part of our wonderful trip! After talking about going for ages we eventually booked our trip for the end of May.  Before we knew it we were en-route to Tokyo via Paris, and feeling slightly unprepared!


Our plan was to fly into Tokyo and to take the bullet train straight to Hiroshima, in the south of Japan. One concern was how would we cope doing this after coming off a 14 hour flight! Easy – Japanese efficiency helps…a lot. Everything was a breeze from the moment we stepped off the plane, and we arrived about 5 hours later in Hiroshima feeling strangely relaxed and not tired at all!!!


The Bullet train was an interesting experience, so smooth, so quiet, so fast! I was quite taken by their unique shape and got excited in a childish way every time I seen one at a station!


In Hiroshima we stayed near the station, up high on the 17th floor. While surveying the view over the city Stuart noticed a baseball stadium and people flocking towards it.  So we went to check it out – and it was indeed a Hiroshima Carps game.  Locals were heading into the local supermarket to buy provisions for the game, so we followed suit and stocked up on unknown Japanese snacks!

Once in the stadium the atmosphere was amazing! They really know how to cheer on their teams.  Some spectators in front us took it upon themselves to get us involved in their songs and celebrations which was really lovely and welcoming!


The next day we got down to serious sightseeing, and visited the site of the Atomic Bomb, the Peace Park and Museum.  It was sad and sombre, yet it was lovely to hear and see the school kids running around laughing. We saw school children presenting their paper cranes to the memorial which was very sweet and we were asked so many times for our photos – we are now famous in most Japanese classrooms!




Hiroshima was a lovely place, with the nicest people.  We were made to feel very welcome there, and I would recommend making the trip there if you were planning to visit Japan.  Tearing ourselves away was a problem, but our next stop was the beautiful island of Miyajima….