Eat Street


During the summer I managed to be down in London a couple of times and was able to treat myself to the delights of Eat Street, a Street Food initiative run by Petra Barran and based at Kings Boulevard, up beside Kings Cross Station

The principle is simple every day a collection (usually between 3 and 5) of Street Food Vendors set up their stalls and sell a variety of tasty food to the hungry office workers at lunchtime. And everyday there are lots of people queuing up to try all the delicious treats.


So, here is a little overview of what I treated myself to during my weeks on Eat Street.


Veggie Steamed Buns from Yum Bun


Cheesy Quesadillas from Buen Provecho


Veggie Chana Masala Burger from Bhangra Burger

photo (94)photo (95)

Sweet treats from Kooky Bakes

photo (86)photo (87)

Tasty Meatballs from The Bowler (they are in there somewhere!)

photo (78)photo (79)

Fresh out of the fryer doughnuts, warm and sweet from You Doughnut

photo (89)photo (93)

Freshly made pizza, cooked in the woodfired oven in the back of the van!! From Well Kneaded

As you can tell in my short time there, I got to try a lot of different things, it made my regular lunchtimes seem so dull (and they still are!)

I have learned that from today Eat Street will be no more.  But all is not lost, the next step in this street food journey is Kerb, which a new initiative being run by Petra, and the launch of this new venture is on Thursday 4th October.   The aim is to create a street food culture for everyone – bringing street food to every city!  I look forward to my next trip to London to see what Kerb has to offer. In the meantime, I’ll just keep eating my sandwiches!