The Little Chartroom, Leith

Back in April, I was sitting on my sofa drooling over all the delicious food being cooked on the Great British Menu. My attention was peaked watching Roberta Hall-McCarron from The Little Chartroom work her magic. So I, on a whim booked us a table.

However, such is demand for this wonderful tiny restaurant, it would appear the first dinner date I could find was the 26th August – yes August; a whole 5 months later. Thankfully the wait was most definitely worth it.

The Little Chartroom is currently located at Albert Place on Leith Walk, but will shortly move to nearby Bonnington Road to slightly bigger premises.

We arrived a bit early for our table (public transport early for once!) and they kindly seated us at a table outside until ours was ready. We were able to enjoy a tasty Damson Cardinale – a take on a negroni, but with added damson – and a Martini.

While we were having a look at the menu we were treated to a basket of freshly baked Treacle Bread and Butter – we may have also requested a refill or two!

It was delicious and I could have happily munched on this for the rest of the evening, it took me right back to when I was wee in Northern Ireland and getting a Treacle Farl smothered in butter as a treat! It was a taste of things to come!

For starter we went for the Beef Tartare and Caviar which came with an Oyster on the side, and the Confit Potato, with pickled mushrooms, wild leek, summer truffle and most importantly, cheese. Both dishes were fantastic, beautifully presented and I really wanted to lick the plate clean!

For main course we chose the Monkfish and Fennel which came with a little side of Crispy Pork and the Venison with Shallot, Tenderstem Brocolli and Sugar Snaps. Another tasty course of food, deceptively simple but full of flavour.

Finally for dessert, it was a mix of sweet and savoury! We went for the Potted Tunworth Cheese with Redcurrant and Seeded Cracker washed down with a Pomona Somerset Brandy. The cheese was light and creamy and the redcurrant complimented it well. Our other dessert was the Chocolate and Wild Peppermint Mousse with Blackcurrant accompanied with a Maury ‘Grenat’, Domaine Lafage dessert wine. This was delicious and sweet, chocolatey and fresh way to end the meal.

We had a fantastic evening, service was attentive but relaxed and you felt a world away from Leith Walk. Looking forward to visiting again in their new location, but I feel it might be a while before we can get a table! So, I’d advise to get booking now, you might be lucky to get a table sooner rather than later!