Tea at Anteaques

The Anteaques Tea Bible

If you love tea then Anteaques is the place for you, with over 110 different types of tea to choose from you will be stuck for choice!  Situated in the South Side beside the old Odeon Cinema on Clerk Street, Anteaques is a small antiques shop, with 2 tables, a counter and all the tea in the front room, and a further 2 tables and lots of fabulous antiques in the back room, so nice and cosy for a catch up!

Last week I met a friend in Anteaques for some tea, scones and a good old chat.   They had their Christmas Teas available, so we decided to try two of them between us, even choosing which two to have from an already short list proved hard enough!  In the end we settled for the Festive Fruits and then the Pear and Caramel.  Both smelled delicious, and tasted delicious too.  Quite often I find these types of tea do not usually taste how they smell, but in this case, the teas most certainly did!

Seasonal Teas and Cake Menu


With our tea we enjoyed lovely homemade fruit scones, which came with cream and a choice of jams. We had the raspberry jam and we also tried the slightly more unusual violet jam (which did not in any way taste like parma violets which I had first feared!).  They also have a Green Tea Cake and other home baked pastries which I’ll have to go back and try!

Tea & Scones

As we were leaving we had a look (and sniff!) and the teas they have on offer, they also sell their violet jam along with rose petal jam.  And if you are looking for crystallised violet, lavender or roses, this is the place to get them!  We did make some purchases as well, to enjoy at home!

An old Tea weighing scaleTea Glorious Tea

Crystallised Fruit

Crystallised Petals

Anteaques is a great little Tea Shop, and a nice place for a special treat.  At the moment they are only open Thursday – Sunday (days vary so best check their website) and booking is definitely advisable!   I can’t wait for my next visit!