Afternoon Tea at Malone House, Belfast

Malone House, Belfast

I decided to treat my Mum to Afternoon Tea for her birthday, at a place of her choice.  She surprised me when she suggested Malone House in Belfast, as it is a place I would never have thought of!  However, it is a place that holds special memories for Mum, its where her and Dad got married in 1959! Even though it was badly damaged in a fire in 1976, after a good old nosey around Mum said it hadn’t changed a huge amount from her wedding day and one thing that certainly hadn’t changed was the view and the beautiful grounds.

On arrival we were shown into the Barnett Restaurant, and seated by one of the big windows overlooking the front of the house.  Our lovely waitress came and took our order for tea or coffee, and asked us was there any particular fillings we liked or didn’t like in our sandwiches.  I think this is a nice touch, as it means you definitely get sandwiches you like!  Our stand of Afternoon Tea soon arrived, and looked delicious, we didn’t waste any time and dived in!

Afternoon Tea Stand

The sandwiches we chose were Egg Mayonnaise and Ham and Cheese, served in soft fresh bread, and well filled as well!

Sandwich Layer

The scone layer gave us 2 slightly warmed fruit scones, with jam, clotted cream and butter to choose from.  These had the taste of being not that long out of the oven, they were tasty.

Scone Layer

And finally, the layer we were really waiting for…. the pastries!  And wow weren’t they tasty!  We were treated to Meringues with Cream and Strawberries, Tiffin, Shortbread, Chocolate Pot filled with a Chocolatey Mousse, and a Brandy Snap Basket filled with a light and fresh Lemon Cream!

Pastries Layer

We made a valiant effort on this lot, but for some (i.e. Mum, not me I am a seasoned pro at this!) it was too much, but they kindly provided a box to take the goodies home in to be enjoyed later.

Doggy Box

We really enjoyed our Afternoon at Malone House, a trip down memory lane for Mum and a new place to try for me!  If you are in the area and looking for somewhere different, why not pop in and give it a try! Afternoon Tea is served between 1:30pm and 4:30pm Monday to Sunday at £26 for two people.