Mango Smoothie

Mango Smoothie

I am really getting into Smoothies at the moment, I think the excesses of the Edinburgh Festival is taking its toll on me and I am craving something tasty yet a little bit healthy! For this Smoothie I actually cheated and used pre-chopped mango – tastes the same just quicker to make!

Mango Smoothie (Makes 2)


250g Mango
1 Large Banana
5 tbsp. 0% Fat Greek Yogurt
300ml Semi Skimmed Milk
Squeeze of Honey (Optional)


  • Chop the Banana and Mango (if required) and add to a blender
  • Pour in the milk and yogurt
  • Whizz in the blender until smooth as you like it
  • Drizzle with some honey if you like, otherwise pour into a glass and enjoy!