Cafe Blue Bear

Earlier this week I arranged to meet a couple of friends for brunch today.  One of them suggested Cafe Blue Bear, a new cafe which has been open for about 6 weeks in Canonmills, which I have been trying to try out since then!  One thing I hadn’t planned on was the massive hangover that I ended up having! 


I was dragged down the road by Stuart (who refused to let me take the bus!!) and were warmly welcomed into the cafe.  We had a little table at the back with a good view of the Forth Rail Bridge mural by Edd Wellesley-Davies and other great pieces of art (all of which are for sale).  Choosing what to have was tough, the menu had lots of tasty options, but I did know that it was really going to be a fry that I needed, and endless cups of tea!

Real FryVegetarian FryEggs Benedict

I went for the vegetarian fry, while Stuart and Jenny had the ‘real’ version and Rebecca opted for Eggs Benedict (with extra bacon and black pudding). We all thoroughly enjoyed our choices, all very tasty and just the right amount!  It was just what the doctor order in my case! The atmosphere is nice and relaxed and we chatted over endless cups of tea, until colour returned to my face.  I really enjoyed this visit, and I felt cured afterwards! I hope to visit again very soon!