Rainbow Cake

It was my Dad’s 80th Birthday last week and what better way to shock him than to turn up unannounced on his doorstep with a brightly coloured rainbow cake in my hand! Unsurprisingly he was not put off by this brightly coloured mass – it was at the end of the day still cake (though he seemed a little disappointed that each layer wasn’t flavoured with something different!!)

I used this recipe from The Pink Whisk for her Rainbow Cake, so I wont re-write that out again for you. The only changes I made to the recipe were, I divided the batter into 6 and make round cakes, and I used ordinary buttercream not cream cheese frosting. But these things are really down to personal choice!

The gel colours didn’t colour the batter as brightly as I would have hoped, but it was pretty straightforward to make, the only time consuming part was waiting for the six layers to bake, given I can only bake two tins at a time!


Once baked, I ‘built’ up the cake layers and give it a good crumb coat of buttercream and then finally covered it (badly!) in fondant – rolled it too thin, and in my rush forgot to ‘trim’ the cake, lessons learned for next time!  I just made some simple balloons and ‘80’s from fondant to decorate



Dad (and the rest of us) enjoyed the cake immensely and wasn’t at all put off by the bright colours, nothing stands between this man and baked goods! I have wanted to make this cake for a while after seeing it on Pinterest – so I am glad I eventually had the excuse to make one! Though, Mum has now asked for one instead of Christmas cake this year!



  1. Amazing cake (absolutely adore the colours of the icing in the bowls too!)!


    1. Queen of Everything says:

      Thanks Zoe! Its such a cheery cake – and its nice to see the look on peoples faces when you cut into it!


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