Cherry Baby


Cherries are currently in season, and I bought loads of them planning to be all healthy and snack on them during the week. I failed on that! So I made this Cherry Clafoutis which I got from Nigel Slater in the Guardian instead.  You can’t go wrong really with cherries and batter can you?

Cherry Clafoutis (serves 4)


350 – 400g Cherries
80g sugar
2 large eggs
90g flour
150ml milk
drop or two of vanilla extract
30g butter
icing sugar, for dusting


  • Set the oven to 180C/Gas mark 4
  • Grease a 20cm diameter baking dish, and dust with a couple of tablespoons of icing sugar
  • Stone the cherries and tip them into the dish
  • Put the sugar and eggs into a large bowl and beat
  • Add the flour, milk and the vanilla extract and whisk.
  • Melt the butter in a pan and then stir into the mixture.
  • Pour the batter over the cherries and bake in the oven for 35 minutes until puffed and golden
  • Remove from the oven and dust with icing sugar
  • Serve with ice cream, cream, custard or whatever else you fancy!