Horatio Todd’s


Another food post from Belfast (did I mention I ate  a lot when I was there?). Horatio Todd’s is a local bar / restaurant in  the Ballyhackamore area of Belfast.  A recent article in the local newspaper stated there were 22 different bars and restaurants in the area – who knew? I remember the days when there was only a Chinese, a dodgy pub and a KFC!

Horatios is a favourite place of my parents, partly due to the fact that my Mum is allergic to cooking and will be here an any given opportunity (so much so the staff know them!).  Its been a tradition for a while that we go here for Sunday lunch / dinner, and this time was no different.

They do a great  Meal Deal  – 2 courses and a wine or soft drink for £13.95.  Needless to say we took them up on this offer!

I opted for the tempura prawns with a Hoisin and Fresh Ginger Dipping Sauce.  The tempura was light and the prawns juicy yet well cooked, and the dipping sauce was tasty with a good flavour


And Stuart went for the slightly more exotic Warm Salad of Crispy Pork Belly and Local Black Pudding with Honey Mustard Dressing and Poached Egg, which I can only assume was tasty as it didn’t stay too long on the plate! The egg was beautifully poached, still runny in the middle, and the pork belly was cooked well.


For my main I stuck with Fish, and I had the Fresh Battered Haddock with Homemade Tartare Sauce, Mushy Peas and Fries.  Again light batter, and juicy well cooked fish, along with nice dry, fluffy fries.  I was stuffed afterwards!


Stuart went a little off piste with his main course, he choose the Chargrilled Chicken and Chorizo Tagliatelle with Sun-dried Tomato Sauce and Chilli Oil.  Not particularly a wild choice, but he is fussy and is usually disappointed by pasta dishes in restaurants because you can make them just was well at home …. apparently. However, this he did enjoy, chunks of chicken, flavoursome chorizo and lots of tasty sauce.  Only complaint he had was the pasta a little overcooked, I think this dish may have restored his faith in restaurant pasta!


As for dessert, well we gave it a miss – how could we possibly fit it in after all that! However, given my parents sacrificed a starter, they had dessert –  Hot Sticky Toffee Pudding with Honeycomb Ice Cream.  There is no photo, I didn’t get a chance to take one, the spoon was stuck in seconds after it hit the table!

Horatio Todd’s is also good later in the evenings for drinks (in particular cocktails) and also during the day for meeting friends, as they have sofa areas where you can chill, catch up and drink coffee (or something stronger!)

No doubt see you next time I am home Horatio!