At the curbside

A post tonight on twitter regarding the lack of a food truck revolution in Edinburgh got me thinking (or more reminiscing) of the great food I ate during my autumn trip to the East Coast of America, which appears to be food truck central.  This wasn’t just fish ‘n’ chip van style food or bland sandwiches, these were trucks selling great, homemade food, such as cupcakes brought to the Curbside by CurbsideCupcakes in Washington.


Street vendors selling hot dogs and pretzels in New York (Ok so maybe not so homemade but still just sometimes what you need)


And more food trucks than you can image,  selling things from noodles to grilled cheese sandwiches to hungry commuters flying past on their way to or from work,  in Boston.


So why hasn’t this phenomena taken off here in Edinburgh or even in the UK?  is it because of legislation? or are we not a culture that would really be into food trucks?or just simply no one has ever thought of it?

One thing that makes this whole thing work is social media, Facebook, Twitter and more recently FourSquare.  Using these means to announce your locations, to put up your menus and to entice people to the curbside has proved valuable in making these curbside vendors a success.  The latter proving to be more popular stateside, though, it is becoming more popular in the UK.

So come on – someone out there please kick start a food truck revolution!!!

[New York image credit: jaroslavd]