And there was a lot of that in my yoga class today, in fact actually at one point there was a risk of ‘zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’.

Today was a change from the usual routine of our lunchtime class; normally there’s breathing, some stretching, a few rather weird (and painful) positions and then some relaxation (of which I am a fan). But today… well we were in for a treat.  We did Progressive Muscle Release.  Which to be honest at first I thought may have been quite hellish, but how wrong was I!!

We spent 45mins lying on a mat, in a warm room covered in blankets, listening to soothing tunes and tensing muscles and releasing… I can think of worse ways to spend a lunchtime! The result was… I was very relaxed, in fact too relaxed.  But I didn’t mind and either did my team – I was as calm as anything all afternoon.

**Geeky bit alert** What is PMR you may ask well…. basically, we use muscles everyday when we don’t really need to – like when we smile we may tense our bum muscles(?!) when there is no reason to.  So this technique trains us to isolate our muscles, its quite often used to treat anxiety. Its simple really, you just lie there, tense you muscle in your right foot for 10 seconds, and release, then in your left foot, slowly moving up your body… if you manage to stay awake that long!

Yoga Tree Stirling run this handy 45 minute no sweat class every Monday lunchtime in Stirling, and todays class was definitely no sweat!

[Image Credit: duchesssa]