Cuckoo’s Bakery

On our way back from the Stockbridge market on Sunday, I had built up a bit of a thirst, and since it was a lovely cold, crisp day I thought it would be really nice to cuddle a cup of something hot in a nice cafe somewhere (oh the old romantic in me!).  Every time we take a bus up Dundas Street we always say we must try out Cuckoo’s Bakery.  Today, since we were walking passed, I made sure we did!

When you enter you are greeted with an old style cabinet filled with sumptuous cupcakes, and the smell of fresh coffee.  We originally were just in for tea and cake, but once the menu was put down in front of us it made the decision quite hard.  There was a great selection of cakes to choose from, but also some very tasty savoury options.  Much to my delight there was an actual tea menu – I love tea, and I love trying new flavours of tea, so the choice was hard for me!

In the end Stuart decided on something savoury and I stuck to my decision of a White Chocolate and Raspberry Cupcake


Washed down with a pot of Orange Blossom Oolong tea, which was very tasty and quite a good compliment to the cupcake.


Stuart went for the chorizo, mozzarella and onion chutney ‘Doorstep’ sandwich and a mocha, both he said were delicious.


Cuckoo’s Bakery is great with friendly staff, good food and the cutest plates and cups ever, all personalised to the tea room and the location! Will definitely be back!