Sunday Market Goodies


I never left the flat yesterday, by lunchtime today I was getting a little cabin fever.  Stuart dragged me out for a walk and the chance to re-adjust to daylight and human contact.  He tempted me by the fact that the walk would involve a stop at the Stockbridge Market, which equals: goodies!

It was my first time down here, and it was great – I usually just end up at markets for a nosey, but I could have walked away with a lot more than I did – showing restraint for once, which was good!

First stop was Vanilla Cream Bakery, which is run by friend Rebecca’s sister Annwen.  Her cupcakes are all so beautifully decorated, we went for the Valentines ones which were Chocolate Mud and were divine! (they definitely weren’t being kept for Tuesday!)


Rebecca gave us a little sample of some fudge bought from the The Happy Fudge Company a few stalls down and it was so tasty, so naturally we had to make stop there to try more.  They had a few different samples to try, but I had the casting vote on the White Chocolate and Raspberry Fudge.  I am actually surprised this survived the walk home!


Another stall that caught my eye was that of Trotters Independent Condiments, well actually it was more the jar of Mojito Jelly that caught my eye.  Apparently goes really well with lamb… though I am thinking on toast to make breakfast a bit more interesting would also be good!  They were doing an offer – 3 jars for £10…so we bought 3 – mojito jelly included!


My final two purchases go hand in hand with each other…some nice Stichill Jerseys Butter


And a lovely wholegrain loaf from Au Gourmand Artisanal Bread


Finally, as we were leaving I cast my eye over the lovely skincare ‘potions’ at the Gorgeous Potions stall, the lady there tried to get Stuart to get me a little something for Valentines Day… unfortunately for her (and me) – its not something he is big on, but she kindly give me a lovely bath bomb to make up for the lack of gift on Tuesday! It was really sweet of her, it smells lovely and I am looking forward to using it – maybe he’ll run me a bath!


The problem after was having to carry this the long walk home!