Out with the old, in with the new


Normally I don’t bother with resolutions, partially because I am too lazy to keep them, or too disorganised really.  But this year I have decided I should set a few, if nothing else to make me do something, and posting them here means they are out in public, so… I really have to do them in order to save face!

So here they are…

  1. Get fit – I have been talking about this for years, but 2012 is the year! And what greater inspiration than having the Olympics in the UK this year…..maybe
  2. Use my sewing machine – I got one last Christmas, it is still in its box. I was going make curtains for our flat, but with 15 feet drops, I think I’ll start with something small…maybe a cushion
  3. Buy (and use) an old Polaroid Camera – No idea why, have just always fancied one. 
  4. Do cool stuff – Ok so this one is really quite generic, but if its cool, well I’ll be doing it (within reason of course!)
  5. Read More – I used to read all the time, I don’t seem to have the time to do that anymore, so I will dedicate more time to reading, maybe a book a month or something.
  6. Visit my friends and family around the country.  So watch out… I’m coming to stay!!!

I think that’s enough for one year!

Have a great New Years Eve – see you on the other side!!