Put your First Foot forward


Happy New Year!! I had a lovely evening here in Edinburgh bringing in the new year with some good friends, over tons of lovely food and the odd glass of vino.  We managed to leave the warmth of our flat and walk across to Inverleith Park to see the fireworks at Edinburgh Castle, which were fantastic; they looked like planets and flowers, the best I have seen in years.  The bonus was as well the foggy,misty rain had cleared and it was a beautiful clear night though with a strong wind!

We all must be getting old, I remember the time when we would have all been up on Princes Street amongst it all! It was then back home for a wee dram to warm us up!

Today the partying will be continuing with a spot of First Footing, which is an old tradition whereby the first people into a home in the new year should bring some gifts with them to symbolise wealth, food, flavour, warmth and good cheer.  In ye olde days this would have been a silver, cake, salt, coal and whisky.  For modern times there will have to be an alternative.  So I have come up with….

  • Wealth: just going to stick with a coin for this one… might be a foreign one though!
  • Food: Clementine and Prosecco Jelly and an Apple, Amaretto and Physalis Frangipane
  • Flavour: Paprika, a little random but we have an excess from when we were in Hungary!
  • Warmth: My Personality – cheesy I know
  • Good Cheer: Wine – a box off

Every year a crowd of us get together on New Years Day to have have food, drinks and get up to much merriment, and we take it in turns to host.  Its not us this year! So we are loading up the car with our spare chairs and heading down the road to our friends flat – I am so glad I am off work on Monday, I think I’ll need another holiday after this festive season!