House of Gods Hotel

In early December, for a certain someone’s birthday, I booked us into the House of Gods Hotel in the Cowgate to take advantage of their ‘Locked up like I’m famous’ package which included pizza, cocktails and ‘unlimited prosecco’.

I’d seen pictures on social media of the package and it looked like a lot of fun, and fun is definitely needed in times like these!

The Cowgate is an area of Edinburgh I used to spend a lot of time as a student many years ago, but not so much these days. The hotel is tucked away amongst flats and La Belle Angele club (which you could have found us in back in the day… pre-fire!).

There is a large glaring sign, and a discreet entrance, though the Rolls Royce outside kind of gives it away! You enter via the small but intimate cocktail bar, which has a real 1920’s speakeasy vibe to it.

Sadly on this occasion we weren’t able to make use of it, because you know… covid.

After a quick and efficient check-in (which included ordering our enormous Civerinos Pizza) we were shown up to our room. The room was compact but had everything we needed for a comfortable stay. The bed was decorated with balloons and there was a tray of delicious chocolates for us to enjoy.

The room is opulently decorated, and pretty well sound proofed with only a few noises from the corridor and other than that, nothing (I slept like a baby, though the cocktails and prosecco may have had a part to play in that!).

There is a handy button in the room for 3 things – prosecco, milk and cookies and breakfast.

So, there was only one way to start the evening off, press that prosecco button! I felt sorry for the poor staff as I felt I was continually pushing the button. I mean how much is really meant by unlimited? I can’t confirm, we did put in a good effort though!

At some point in the evening, the knock at the door wasn’t for more fizz, it was the delivery of our mahoosive Civerinos Pizza! It was a 50:50 split, I kept it simple with a Margherita and the other half was the Civerino (Burrata, Sicilian Sausage and Pepperoni). I am a big fan of their pizza, so was very happy to get tucked in!

The next big event of the evening was the H.o.G Soundsystem, a curated playlist accompanied by 4 themed cocktails.

Communications with reception are done via WhatsApp, so whenever you are ready for your cocktails, you just drop them a message. A short while later, a knock will go at your door and you will be greeted by a bartender, dressed per the theme, and the related music blaring from a Marshall amp on their trolley! Relax and enjoy the cocktail, and text when ready for the next. Again, this posed questions, how long should we leave between each drink? Are we asking for them too quickly and therefore look like alcoholics? There is no correct answer!

So onto the cocktails, Track One was ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, a rather strong mix of Aelder Liquer, Tanqueray Gin and lemon.

Track Two brought us a bit of ‘Hypnotize’, a classy concoction of Cognac, Gold Dust, Champagne, Mo’Money, Haters and an Ice Diamond.

‘God is a DJ’ was track three; a creation made up of Vodka, Orange Blossom, a touch of Euphoria, Ginger and Lime, served up, naturally, in a disco ball.

Finally, Track 4, relaxing the mood a little with Kiss from a Rose, a tasty final cocktail of Tanquerary Sevilla, Salted Strawberry, Olorosso, sealed with a Rosewater Kiss.

To round the evening off, while we could still see, we pressed that milk and cookies button, because why not! And soon we were delivered a tray with a cute milk bottle, cookies and too many haribo to be eating at that time of night (I had a good go though!)

After sleeping like a baby, it was time to press that breakfast button, and shortly after our breakfast hamper arrived filled with warm waffles and nutella, bagels, yogurt and granola, orange juice and tea and coffee. Of course, there was the compulsory Mimosa, just to end the indulgent overnight stay on the right note!

We had such a fun stay at the House of Gods, it was a great way to celebrate a special occasion, and also something a bit different in these times.

So, if you are looking for a night away for something different or to escape from the house, I would recommend checking out the House of Gods.

I’m looking forward to life returning to normal so I can try out their bar!