Afternoon Tea at Sketch, London

Sketch, London

Last weekend Mum and I were headed to London Town to a wedding, and we decided to make a few days of it.  One thing we both love is an Afternoon Tea, what is better than whiling away a few hours over some sandwiches, scones, delicate pastries and endless pots of tea?  I did some research into the best Afternoon Tea places in London (some of which I had already visited) and found Sketch, the pinkness and kitschness of The Gallery sealed the deal for me.

The Gallery, Sketch

Sketch is located on Conduit Street, in the heart of Mayfair.  The building itself houses four dining rooms and bars over 3 floors and upon entry you are greeted by a Hopscotch Grid, it really is a fun place to dine!  As mentioned we were seated in The Gallery for our Afternoon Tea,  a pink and gold valour palace with sketches by David Shrigley adorning the walls.  It feels light, airy and quite opulent

The Gallery, SketchThe Gallery, SketchThe Gallery, Sketch

Once seated at the table we were presented with our menus, I completely ignored the savoury / scone bit and headed straight to see what Pastries we would be having!  Our waitress asked us was there anything that we didn’t like on the menu and what would we like it swapped for, which was great as I have found this quite often doesn’t get asked.

Afternoon Tea Menu

They have an interesting tea selection, Mum stuck with an Assam Breakfast tea (creature of habit) and I went for the Pheonix Honey Orchid Oolong tea, which was rich and fruity.  I also had to go for a glass of fizz! The Sommelier came over and explained the 4 types they had on offer, I went for the Mousse Fils Pink Fizz, to go with my surroundings of course.

Pink Fizz

Our tea came with quirky cups and bowls, again all designed by David Shrigley (they are also available to buy if you wish to recreate the experience at home!)

Cute Crockery

Cute CrockeryCute Crockery

Our stand arrived adorned with Pastries and Sandwiches.  Since neither of us like Smoked Salmon we asked for these to be replaced by more Mozzarella and Pesto Paninis (which arrived so cutely parcelled up and served warm).  Our other sandwiches were Cucumber and Ricotta, and Egg Mayonnaise usually topped with a Quails Egg and Caviar, but we don’t like either so they kindly removed them for us (we are sounding like quite the fussy pair!).  The sandwiches were all tasty, I particularly liked the Panini, I could have eaten loads of them.  My only very small criticism would be that the Cucumber sandwiches did go a little soggy due to very fresh bread and the watery cucumber – but tasty nonetheless!

Afternoon Tea Stand

Normally after the sandwiches you would move onto the scones, which you can do as they come and ask you when you would like them, the reason being is they are warmed!  So we asked for ours for after the sandwiches, and they duly came accompanied by a pot of clotted cream, raspberry jam and fig jam.  There was one each, but they were large!

Tasty Warm Scones

We worked our way through the pastries, my favourite had to be the Salted Caramel and Chantilly Religieuse, though the little pot of marshmallows and meringues were pretty tasty too!

Marshmallows and MeringueSalted Caramel and Chantilly Religieuse

We couldn’t quite manage everything on our stand, so we were kindly given a box and a fancy bag to take the leftovers home in, which we enjoyed later as a midnight snack after our theatre visit!  One thing that is not to be missed, is the toilets.  I know that sounds pretty random but you aren’t going to see ones like this everyday.  I’ll say no more and leave you to have the surprise when you visit!

Yes, these are the Toilets!

We had a lovely afternoon at Sketch, the staff were friendly and attentive, without being in your face.  We weren’t rushed and got to enjoy our surroundings.   The Afternoon Tea is £39.50 each which seems a lot but includes refills of sandwiches and pastries, so go knock yourself out! And its extra depending on which champagne you want.  I would definitely recommend putting Sketch on your list of Afternoon Teas to do in London!