Draught Excluder

The weather seems all over the place at the minute but with the icy blasts we have been having there has been wind howling through every leaking crevice of our flat, but I guess these are things we have to put up with to live in an old building!  I decided to tackle this draughty situation by running up a couple of Draught Excluders (or door snakes as I knew them as growing up!).  They are so easy to make, I dusted off my sewing machine for these but they could be easily done by hand.



Sewing Machine
Tailors Chalk
Thread (matching the fabric)
Filler (I used bean bag filler but you could use toy stuffing)
Measuring Tape


  • Iron your fabric to remove any creases from folding
  • Lay out the fabric on the table and mark out a piece using your tailors chalk that measures 100cm x 50cm [NB you can adjust the size to fit your doorway, you want to leave 1cm each side for the seam]
  • Cut out the piece of fabric, you now have a rectangle
  • If you are adding extra embellishments, this is the time to stitch them on
  • Fold the rectangle in half lengthways and pin the open long side and one of the ends about 1cm from the edge (this is your seam allowance), you should be left with one short side open

Pinning the Draught Excluder

  • Set up your sewing machine with the thread (or thread your needle if doing it by hand)
  • Using the pins as a guide, sew the edges, about 1cm from the edge, this will now create the draught excluder

Sewing the Draught Excluder

  • Turn the draught excluder the right way out
  • You can fill the excluder with the bean bag filling / toy stuffing, making sure it is packed tightly to give a nice full shape
  • Once full sew up the open end by folding over the raw edges and neatly stitching together by hand

And voila there you have it a draught excluder.  The first one took me about 3 hours to do, the second one a little faster.  I can see me making these again for other draughty doors or even my mum!

Completed Draught Excluder

Completed Draught ExcluderCompleted Draught Excluder