The Lobster Shack, North Berwick

Lobster Shack

Last year I had planned to go to the Lobster Shack in North Berwick at some point over its open season, but never quite made it – I think the rain put paid to the plans mainly.  So, this year we seized the opportunity last weekend when the weather was nice and had nothing else planned.

We took a leisurely drive down from Edinburgh, stopping off in Portobello to see the Regatta, have an ice cream and take in some sunshine before driving onto North Berwick.

Portobello RegattaPortobello RegattaPortobello RegattaPortobello RegattaPortobello Regatta

It’s such a pretty place with great views over the Forth to Fife, and with a buzzing atmosphere as well.  I definitely want to come back to go on a Seafari!  The Lobster Shack is situated on the harbour, tucked in away from the elements, you can sit at the table and chairs provided or perch on the harbour wall taking in the view – the latter we opted for.

The Lobster Shack

Needless to say the menu is all fish! And it was hard to choose from.  Well we knew we would have to have the half lobster, and with that we tried the Grilled Seabass and a Crab Cocktail.  Well all of it was delicious, the Lobster beautifully cooked with a tasty Garlic Butter and a delicious and generous fillet of Seabass, both served with a pile of really tasty chips!  The Crab salad was pretty chunky and tasty too.

MenuCrab CocktailHalf LobsterGrilled Seabass

We had a wander along the harbour to burn all that off before getting back in the car back up to Edinburgh.

North Berwick HarbourNorth Berwick Town

I can safely say we will be back again at some point this summer, especially if this weather keeps up!