The Secret Herb Garden

The Secret Herb Garden

Up on Old Pentland Road, Midlothian near the Ski Slope you will find the Secret Herb Garden.  For the last few weeks I’ve been following the progress updates on Twitter of this new venture and was keen to pay it a visit! The Secret Herb Garden opened its doors to the public on the 1st May, and I managed to make it along on Saturday.

The Secret Herb GardenOld machineryOld machinery

On arrival you are greeted by a large greenhouse and a cute little cottage which contains the deli and cafe. To build up an appetite Stuart and I had a wander round the greenhouse looking and sniffing all the wonderful herbs they have growing there. This is not just your standard thyme, basil, mint type herbs, but weird and wonderful varieties such as Strawberry Mint as well as more medicinal herbs like Camomile and St John’s Wort.

In the GreenhouseIn the GreenhouseStrawberry Mint

We then paid the cafe a visit for some tea and cake (naturally!).  After a warm welcome we had the hard decision of which delicious looking cake to have.  I settled on the Carrot Cake with an Orange and Violet Frosting and a cup of their own blend Scotch Grey Tea, a take on Earl Grey using Heather rather than Bergamot in the flavouring.

DeliCafe & DeliCarrot Cake with Orange & Violet Frosting

You can choose to have your cake in the deli or in the greenhouse, which is extremely peaceful and relaxing.

Enjoy your cake in the greenhouse!

They have been working with Pekoe Teas who have helped in creating these special blends using herbs from the garden.  All these served in these cute little glass Bee cups!

Cute Bee Cups!

You will also find there a Vintage Furniture area, a ‘school’ room which is where they will hold Herbal and Beekeeping classes and Therapy Room, where on Sundays you can indulge in a lovely massage before enjoying some of the delicious homemade treats!

Needless to say we thoroughly enjoyed our visit and came away with a few herbs as well for our little rooftop garden – though i think I will be back for the Strawberry mint plant…. and more cake of course!