Burger & Lobster

Burger & Lobster

I’ve been working down in London this past week or so, and whilst I’m here I’ve been trying to check out different places to eat – a change from hotel room service! A colleague told me about Burger & Lobster, they have 4 branches across London and sell 3 things: Burgers, Lobsters and Lobster rolls (including frites and a salad  – to restore some healthy balance!)

The extensive menu

We checked out the branch in the City, near St Pauls Cathedral.  The place was extremely busy and we were told of a 45 min wait for a table, which was fine as were able to enjoy a cocktail at the bar! In reality we waited about 25 mins before being shown to our table.  Service was swift and friendly, and the food was amazing!! The ‘Half’ Lobster consumed by Stuart was the largest half I’ve ever seen, and my lobster roll was jammed packed with tasty, juicy lobster.

The 'Half' LobsterLobster Roll

There is also a take away option, however it is still alive and you can pick it from a couple of tanks, check out the bad boy below… now there is a roll or two.

Big Lobster Bad Boy

I would definitely recommend a visit if you are looking for somewhere different to eat in London Town.  The City branch is the only one you can book a table for, and a colleague did tell me that both Soho and Mayfair had large queues at the weekend! Is it worth the wait though…. I think so!