Afternoon Tea at the Pommery Bar

On Saturday 14 Edinburgh Bakers treated themselves to a fantastic afternoon tea in the beautiful venue of The Signet Library, at the Pommery Bar.  The Pommery Bar only pops up once a year during the festival, so we were sure to get in early with this treat!

Glass of Fizz!

We first started with a refreshing glass of Pommery – every afternoon tea should start in this manner, I am all about the fizz!  For the savoury element we were treated to a selection of sandwiches, Cucumber and Mint, Ham and Chutney, Egg Mayo and a Savoury Scone with Courgette and Mozzarella which was very tasty indeed!


Enough of the savouries though, up next was what we really came for – sweet stuff! A tower of delicious sweet treats awaited us.

The sweet stuff

I started from the top and worked down, so firstly I had a delightful spicy Cinnamon Scone with Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam on the side made for a change from the usual plain or fruit scone.  It was tasty and filling – I struggled at this bit which was concerning as there was a still a lot of go!

Spicy Scones!

Following on we indulged in Mini Meringue Nests topped with Strawberries and Cream, Victoria Sponge, Lemon Posset, and I think what had to be the tastiest of them all a light melt in the mouth Chocolate Brownie!

Victoria Sponge and Meringue NestChocolate Brownie and Lemon Posset

We managed to spin this afternoon tea out a while, taking our time over the food, catching up and drinking what felt like endless pots of tea!  The Signet Library is a beautiful decadent building and Pommery have done an excellent job in creating a Champagne Bar that totally befits its surroundings.  If you feel the need for a little luxury over the festival I would thoroughly recommend a visit.  I am pretty sure I will be back at some point over the next few weeks that’s for sure!  Thanks Edinburgh Bakers for organising!