When deciding what to make for last night’s Edinburgh Bakers Towers of Terrific Tray bakes (Take Two), I had wanted to make Fifteens since they are my most favourite tray bake in the world!! For my second choice I decided on Brigadeiros, which is what I took along – there was another Fifteen lover on the scene!!

Two years ago I was out in Brazil for a month working (hard gig I know!) and one of my colleagues girlfriend made these traditional Brazilian / Portuguese sweets for me, and I fell in love with them! What can be worse than the sweet creamy combination of condensed milk and chocolate?!  (Note: Fifteens also contain condensed milk… I quite like it in case you hadn’t guessed!)

They are so easy to make and only contain really 2 main ingredients – Condensed Milk and Drinking Chocolate.  Traditionally I believe in Brazil they use unsweetened cocoa powder, but I was advised that Brazilian Condensed milk was a lot sweeter than the UK version so Nesquik (other hot chocolates are available) would be better used instead.

Yummy Condensed MilkNesquik

Brigadeiros (Makes about 20 small ones, or 10 bigger ones)


1 tin of condensed milk
3 tbsp. Nesquik (or similar)
1 tbsp. Butter


  • Put all the ingredients into a saucepan over a medium heat
  • Continually stir the ingredients until the mixture thickens up, which is around 10 minutes.  When you drag a spatula through it it should do this:

Cook it until its thick like this

  • Tip the mixture into a lightly greased bowl and leave to cool down
  • Once its at a temperature were you can hold it, lightly grease your hands and roll the mixture into small (or large!) balls.
  • Toss them in some chocolate sprinkles
  • Put them in the fridge for an hour or so to firm up a bit

And there you have it, an easy little morsel to have with a nice cup of tea!

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