Rick Stein’s, The Seafood Restaurant

Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant
A very late post about where we ate on our road trip last summer!!  One of the main reasons we choose Padstow as our location in Cornwall was because of Rick Steins The Seafood Restaurant. I do like Rick and his fishy dishes and I thought I’d seize this opportunity to go there!

Unfortunately we could only get a 10pm table, I don’t usually like eating that late, but it was our only chance, plus it gave us an opportunity to have a drink or two in Padstow’s various pubs!

We arrived slightly early for our table and were seated in a conservatory at the front of the restaurant.  We sipped on a Camel Valley Vineyard Sparkling Pinot Noir Brut Rose and nibbled on our amuse bouche of Smoked Haddock and Tapenade Crostini while perusing the menu.

Smoked Haddock & Tapenade CrostiniConservatory AreaFizz!!

Once we had ordered we were taken through to the dining room, which was a white, bright, space with cool artwork on the wall and a bar in the middle.  There was a nice buzz in the dining from lots of people chatting and having fun.

Onto the food! For Starter I had Cornish Crab with a Wakame, Dragon Egg Cucumber and Dashi Salad with Wasabi Mayonnaise. Which was really tasty, lots of crab, tasty dashi and a not too spicy mayo.  Though my nemesis was on the plate…. seaweed.  Sorry Rick, but I had to push that too the side!

Cornish Crab Starter

Stuart went for Oysters Charentaise, which consists of  freshly opened oysters with hot, spicy sausages.  Apparently to eat them you are supposed to eat an oyster, take a bite of the sausage, then a good gulp of cold white wine like Muscadet. So therefore, we had a Muscadet 2010 Sévre et Maine Sur Lie Domaine de L’Alouette  to accompany our meal!  He really enjoyed them, I can’t even say they looked good as I don’t like (putting it mildly) oysters.  Though the sausage, which was chorizo like was very tasty!

Oysters Charentaise
For main course I kept it light with Char-grilled Fillet of Sea Bass with a Tomato, Butter and Vanilla Vinaigrette. The piece of fish was large! The Vinaigrette had a lovely taste with a light flavour of vanilla.
Chargrilled Seabass

Stuart went for the Whole Dover Sole cooked meunière with noisette butter dusted with flour and fried in an oval pan.  It was very very nice with a an almost sweet crispy coating! We both shared some sides of seasonal veg and baby boiled potatoes.

Dover Sole

For dessert (not that we actually needed it!) I went for my favourite – Orange Crème Brûlée with Shortbread. It was custardy with a hint of orange, and lovely rich buttery shortbread

Creme Brulee

Stuart went for the Vanilla Cheesecake with Cherry Compote and Morello Cherry Sorbet, not his usual choice, but by all accounts a good one!

Vanilla Cheesecake
We then had to tear ourselves away from our comfortable surroundings and make our way back to our little tent.  Walking it was out of the question, we were so full it would have taken us until morning to get there! So the lovely maitre d’ called us a taxi thankfully! We had a lovely evening at the The Seafood Restaurant, lovely atmosphere, friendly staff and most importantly great food! Well worth the trip down!