We Heart Cake


Oh yes we do. I have often moaned about the lack of cake shops in Stirling (where I work).  It has its fair share of Greggs etc, but not a real proper homemade cake shop, and sometimes you just need big wack of something tasty and homemade.

It would now seem my cake prayers have been answered, a colleague from work pointed me in the direction of Stirling Arcade and to We Heart Cake, which is situated in the centre of the Arcade.  So needless to say I dragged Stuart there one lunchtime. Its a little shop with tables and chairs outside in the mall (which has wonderful warm heaters hanging from the roof so very toasty!) and a dresser topped with delicious treats.


They also serve soup and sandwiches, which we opted for.  The Broccoli and Stilton soup was really tasty and the sandwiches were very filling. My tea was served in a proper china tea cup with cute little heart shaped shortbreads on the side.


Stuffed but eyeing up the cakes I left clutching a large slice of carrot cake – for afternoon tea of course!  I get the feeling we will be paying We Heart Cake a visit in the near future! And thank you cake gods for answering my prayers!