Walkers, the Shortbread People

This is the Walkers Shortbread shop in Aberlour, its not the most obvious.  If you didn’t know it was there you would miss it.


It is a haven of shortbready goodness. Seconds of course, though some in better condition than what I have bought in the shops in the past!.  There are also Oatcakes and Cake too, all at a ridiculous price.


I had to buy some, in fact a lot.  The pictures below are omitting one big box I took into work, which was wiped out in minutes.


Shortbread.  Food of the gods. Well, after Whisky of course.

One Reply to “Walkers, the Shortbread People”

  1. Thank you for visiting our shop – it is the original village bakery shop. Glad to hear you like our shortbread as well. Great blog!
    Philippa Walker


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