Haar at Home

I previously wrote about the fantastic meal we had at the beginning of the year at Haar in St.Andrews, it seems like a lifetime ago now with all that has been going on!

During lockdown, particularly early on, I took the opportunity to use the free time I now had to do more cooking from scratch, resulting in lots of tasty dishes. Whilst this was great, and we had some fantastic food, there comes a point you start feeling a bit like a canteen cooking every meal and snack every. single. day.

Cook at home deliveries from local restaurant have been one of the many innovations which have emerged during lockdown and are hopefully here to stay. Enjoying restaurant food at home, often with minimal cooking is a lovely treat for a change!

I was excited to see that Haar was one of those restaurants getting in on the act! The bonus was as well they delivered to Edinburgh, and now they deliver nationwide. Unlike other restaurants Haar doesn’t offer a weekly set menu, they have a number of different packages that you can choose from depending on how much you want to eat! All food comes packaged well, boxed with ice packs, and cooking / heating instructions.

We went for the Best of Land and Sea package which comprises 3 delicious courses of the meat and seafood. The first course is a Dressed Crab (so no prep required!) to be eaten with a Spicy Mango Slaw and Asian Dressing, this is a really tasty starter and was accompanied by some fresh bread. The Spicy Mango Slaw was light and fresh and went well the the slightly rich crab.

The second course is a Native Dressed Lobster (and again hoorah for no prep) served with Seaweed Potatoes and Mirin Butter Sauce. Lobster is one of my favourite foods, and this was delicious. I wasn’t sure how well this would ‘travel’ and reheat, but it was perfect. The seaweed potatoes were delicious (and I am not a fan of seaweed) and the Mirin Butter Sauce went perfectly with the Lobster.

The third course was la pièce de résistance, a 500g 32 Day-Aged Ribeye Steak, served with an XO Sauce, Seared Sprouting Broccoli and a Smoked Mayonnaise. The steak is the only part of the meal that requires cooking, for obvious reasons! Nervous about ruining it, we patiently cooked it to perfection, the steak was juicy and tender.

We did go for a fourth course (go big or go home(! We ordered a Tiramisu each, and that was a lovely way to finish the meal, it was creamy and boozy and enough to send you into a food coma! There are a number of other extras that you can add to your package such as extra lobster, crab and steak or if want even more seafood you can order fresh langoustine.

I loved the restaurant, and I loved this at home meal, so much food, but all tasty and prepared to a high standard, with easy instructions so you can enjoy at home without too much faff! A lovely treat to have in these lockdown times!