Italy, as you will see by my recent travels, is one of my favourite countries to visit. The food, the prosecco, the scenery and the culture all make it a great place to take a holiday. So when it was suggested that a certain someone wanted to go and watch their beloved Edinburgh Rugby play against Benetton Treviso, I jumped at the chance. A weekend of Prosecco, Pizza and Tiramisu in exchange for 80 mins of rugby – I can handle that!

The beauty of Treviso is it’s small, pretty and only a short flight after work on a Friday – so perfect for a weekend. We rented a lovely AirBnB just outside the main part of the town (5 minutes walk away!) with a great little cafe underneath for us to get our caffeine fix before setting out to explore.

Treviso is best navigated on foot or bike, depending on how energetic you are feeling. The city itself is made up of many little canals, piazzas and beautiful fresco’d buildings, so this makes it perfect for wandering between glasses of Prosecco (for which the region is famous for) and slices of pizza.

The Canale di Brunelli is probably the most well known site in Treviso. The area was built for the fishermen of Burano and the fish-market is still close by today, housed on a tiny island in the middle of two canals.

One of the other famous sites of Treviso is the Fontana delle Tette, the Fountain of Tits – literally. The story goes that after a severe drought hit Treviso in 1559, the mayor of Venice ordered the construction of the marble fountain. Every autumn when a new mayor was elected the fountain would flow red wine from one side and white wine from the other. The citizens could drink the free wine for 3 days. Sadly, it is only water these days, and this is only a replica, the real one can be found in a glass case at the Loggia dei Cavalieri.

As expected with many Italian cities there are a church or two to see, including the Cattedrale di San Pietro Apostolo which dominates in the centre of town. If you fancy some shopping the Calmaggiore is your place, lots of nice and expensive shops, including Benetton, which started out in Treviso.

If you want to sit and people watch then Piazza dei Signori is a good place to start, a beautiful square surrounded by shops and cafes, a great place to spend a few hours with a little Prosecco or two!

We did spend our Saturday evening at the rugby, I will spare you the details, other than it rained – a lot. But when we came back into town we went in search of somewhere to have a few drinks. You don’t have to walk far to find a bar in the centre, but we settled on Helmut Pub, a trendy bar with good music and good food. That pretty much did us for the evening, though as last orders were called there, we took a wander into the Piazza dei Signori which was heaving. It’s never going to be a clubby place but most bars in this area are open to 2am. We paid the Cloakroom Cocktail Lab a visit for a couple for the road, this place had great atmosphere and cocktails, a great way to finish off an evening.

Late the next morning after more coffee and pastry we checked out of Airbnb and headed to the railway station – there is left luggage there, which was reasonably priced and secure, since we didn’t need to be carrying bags to our next venue.

I had spotted that Le Beccherie is the restaurant where they say the Tiramisu was invented, so naturally where else better to try it. What I didn’t go on to read was that it was a very nice fine dining restaurant. Well it was lunchtime so we thought we would just have a main course as well, and then we read the tasting menu. Before you know it we are having that with a wine pairing – in for a penny in for a pound. I am so glad we did though, Le Beccherie is a beautiful restaurant perched on a canal, and we luckily got a window seat, the menu was fresh, light and beautifully presented. I won’t go through everything we had but will let the pictures tell the story. I would go back again but for dinner this time, as unfortunately it did feel we had to rush due to our 4pm flight back to Edinburgh!

As our beautiful meal was trying to digest we had to run back to the train station, hop on the airport bus and get to our gate, which we did in 30 mins, with 30 mins to spare before the flight took off, an indication of how compact Treviso actually is! If you are looking for that short weekend trip I would definitely give Treviso a try.

We Travelled: Direct from Edinburgh to Treviso with Ryanair.

We Stayed: At a lovely AirBnB on the edge of the town

We Ate and Drank:

Bloom – For Coffee, pastries and patisserie

Pizzaria da Fausta – For pizza and wine

Cloakroom Cocktail Lab – For Cocktails and good tunes

Helmut Pub – For drinks, food and also good tunes

Le Beccherie – For fine dining and tiramisu