Spuntino, London

I have had a couple of occasions lately on my work trips that I haven’t had any plans, shocker ! So I have found myself embracing solo-dining. It can be quite a daunting experience if you have never done it before, you want to make sure you get the right place to feel comfortable and not feel out of place, yet also have some very tasty food. I did some research before I headed out on my first (in a long time) solo dining venture. Spuntino is a place that you will see frequently on lists of solo dining places in London, so it was natural that I went to try it out.

Spuntino can be found on the edge of Soho / Chinatown on Rupert Street, so right in the heart of things. It is literally a bar, with about 20 seats round it, and a private booth at the back which seats a large group. A simple menu awaits with a good choice of mains but also small nibbles, so you can try lots of things.

I naturally started out with a few cocktails, and can confirm they were really good. I made myself go home after three, otherwise I would have been there all night – which is never good when there is work to be done the next day!

Food wise, I chose from their selection of Sliders, the Pulled Pork and Pickled Apple caught my eye, accompanied by snacks of Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Eggplant Chips with Fennel Yoghurt. OK, so my dinner wasn’t high up there in the health stakes! They also do healthy stuff like salads and sharing platters, their Lobster Mac and Cheese looked really good too, I just couldn’t eat any more!

Overall, I had a really good solo experience here, didn’t feel out of place, chatty staff, good food and music and far too good cocktails! Definitely one to come back to again.

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