Spitalfields Art

When the weather is favourable I do like to go for a walk at lunchtime, unfortunately depending on where I am working the walk is not often that scenic.

Working recently in the City in London I discovered it is a haven of art!  From regular art displays in Broadgate to the Sculptures that can be found in and around Spitalfields (which is also a favourite area of mine for lunch!).

So, I took the task to try and find as many of them as possible over a number of lunch times to see if I could collect them all!

It seems that I’m missing one, but here they are below; maybe you can try and collect them all if you are in the area!

Gillie and Marc – Dogman and Rabbitgirl with coffee (2017)


Kalliopi Lemos – Wooden boat with seven people (2011)


Jack West – Frame Break (2016)


Graham Guy-Robinson – Indeterminate Object


Kenny Hunter – I Goat


Ali Grant – A Pear and A Fig