Amalfi Coast

It’s been a while since I last wrote a post, but there is nothing better to inspire you to start writing again than spending a week on the Amalfi Coast!

Mid-June a friend and I took ourselves off to Italy where we spent 5 nights in the amazing Agriturismo Antico Casale nestled between Sorrento and Positano. The Agriturismo is also a working farm, they make their own wine and limoncello and have a restaurant which serves delicious meals made with produce from their garden.  Coupled with being only 10 minutes walk from the bus stop for buses to Sorrento and Positano – it was perfect for us!

We decided to get the active part of the holiday over and done with at the beginning of the week, by doing the ‘Walk of the Gods’ , a stunning walk high up on the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast.  We took the bus to the town of Amalfi, where had to change onto another bus to the town of Bumerano where the walk begins. The path is uneven so sturdy footwear is recommended, as is fully functioning limbs (knee, hip, leg issues will make it tougher – as I found out!) and maybe some walking poles.  Also bring plenty of water – we could only see one working water fountain on route, and at 32 degrees water is definitely needed.  For what sounds like a bit of hell, you are definitely rewarded with amazing views and at the end at Nocelle there is a little restaurant serving fresh lemonade and caprese salad! You can end the walk here, but if you want to walk the 1500 steps down to Positano that is also an option!

To celebrate surviving to the end of our walk, we treated ourselves to an amazing dinner and drinks at the Oyster and Champagne Bar in Le Sirenuse Hotel in Positano.  We were really lucky to get a great table to enjoy our fizz and to watch the sunset over the town.

In order to recover, the next day we took ourselves to Da adolfo, a restaurant and beach club nestled in a bay a short boat ride from Positano.  You pick up the boat down at the harbour, which you can spot by looking for the red fish.  The boat is free for those with reservations, and you take a chance heading over without one! Once there, you get your sunbed and can laze around enjoying the crystal clear sea and jugs of peach wine until it’s time for your lunch. The menu is sizeable with many favourites, the langostines are pretty sizeable and tasty to start!  We managed to stay the whole day hopping on one of the last boats back to Positano.

We took two other day trips, the first of which was to Pompeii and Vesuvius by boat. We were picked up and taken to the boat at Piano di Sorrento before cruising to Castellammare di Stabia where a minibus took us to Pompeii.  It was really hot, and it is actually a really massive site so take plenty of water and wear comfortable shoes.  We had a 3 hour tour of Pompeii with our guide who was really good at telling us all the history – a truly fascinating place.

After a short break and some gelato we headed off to Vesuvius.  It’s about a 30 minute walk up, and in the heat it is not the easiest!  The views get better as you go and there are places to stop on the way.  Once you make it to about 100 yards from the crater you pick up a guide who takes you the rest of the way and explains all about volcanos and the eruption that caused the destruction of Pompeii and Ercolano.  Then its back down, which seems a lot quicker especially when you indulge in a little limoncello at the cafe/shop near the crater!

Back on the bus and onto the boat, we stopped to enjoy a little swim in the sea and a glass of nice cold vino before heading back to Piano di Sorrento and our hotel.

Our final trip was to the beautiful island of Capri with Gianni’s Boat.  We were met at the harbour in Sorrento and shown to our boat, which we shared with 8 other people.  Our Captain and mate were great, informative and fun allowing for a relaxing trip.  The first leg of the journey afforded us plenty of time to relax and enjoy the scenary as we sailed across to Capri and started our journey round the island. Sadly our first port of call was not possibly – the Blue Grotto, the sea was too rough to allow the boats into the grotto, so maybe next time!

We then dropped anchor in the Marina Piccola in Capri where we went ashore, enjoyed a nice lunch and then headed off into Capri town.  Its small, compact and very very busy. I can imagine it being lovely at night once all the tourists go! We explored the town and the botanic gardens before stopping for a nice aloholic granita and foccicia caprese!  Back at the boat we had time to enjoy a swim in a clear blue sea before heading off round the rest of the island.  We visited the white and red grotto before sailing through the Faraglioni Sea Stacks and round the rest of the island.  Back in Sorrento after a great days sailing we finished off the evening with dinner and cocktails at the Terrazza delle Sirene (Foreigners Club) before heading back to our Agriturismo.

We had a great time on the Amalfi coast and there is loads more to explore, planning is definitely underway for a return visit!