Edinburgh’s Wild West

Wild Wild West

Who would have thought that tucked away off a side street in Morningside you would find a scene straight out of a Western? We certainly didn’t! But after having heard from numerous sources about this mysterious Wild West scene, we had to see if for ourselves!

Coming off Morningside Road onto Springvalley Gardens you don’t get any hint of the Wild West anywhere, but take the first entry on your right (it does look like you are going to a lawnmower repair shop!) and you catch the first glimpse of the set. I believe it was created in the mid 1990’s by a local business man who wanted to advertise his furniture shop – its certainly attention grabbing!

Sadly though its looking a bit tired, and the ‘Saloon’ no longer exists.  If you get a chance I would visit soon before it further falls into disrepair.  Such a shame there is no local group who would take it on to restore, as its a real wee hidden gem!