The Coffee Bothy,Deanston Distillery

Deanston Distillery

Always on the look out for new places to eat near our office, Stuart and I took a quick trip up to Deanston Distillery, a mere 15 minutes away, to grab a bite to eat at The Coffee Bothy. Deanston Distillery’s claim to fame is that the film ‘The Angels Share’ centres around some precious whisky which is being kept at the bond! (The Angels Share is a great wee film set in Glasgow, if you don’t mind colourful language its worth a look).

The cafe is part of the main distillery building close to the bonded warehouse, it looks to have maybe been originally the old distillery canteen back in the day.


The menu is small but very well done, with sandwiches, panini’s, soups and baked potatoes being the staple and other specials such as Stovies and Stew served in a freshly made Boule (Stuart has expressed interest to return soon to try that out!).  We just kept it simple with baked potatoes, good old Cheese for me and a rather spicy Cajun Chicken for him.

Baked Tattie and CheeseBaked Tattie and Cajun Chicken

Of course I did have to accompany mine with a Strawberry Milkshake – the big kid that I am!Big Kid Milkshake

Sadly we didn’t have time to do a distillery tour and since we were going back to work we couldn’t even have a wee dram! The Coffee Bothy was a great little find and no doubt we will be back again soon to try their stew and something from their array of home baked goodies!