Whisky with Love


Normally on Valentines Day we like to keep it low key, cook something special at home or be lazy and get a takeaway! This year I was whisked away to the Scotch Malt Whisky Society on Queen Street for a spot of Blind Whisky and Champagne Tasting , two of my favourite drinks!


The evening started with a tasting of 3 whiskies for him, and 3 champagnes for me. Ben and James, our hosts for the evening, talked us through each of the champagnes, but for the whiskies, there was a little quiz, with each of them telling us a fact about the dram of which one was a lie! I tell you I’m not sure if I would trust the staff at the SMWS again, they were both very good liars!


We were then treated to a tasty Beef Pie with Mashed Potato and Green Vegetables, before moving onto the next part of the tasting – the blind bit! We were each blinded folder and presented with two items to smell and one to taste – miraculously we managed to guess all 3!

Then it was onto the final 2 whiskies and champagnes.  The last part of the quiz was to create our own Tasting Notes for the final whisky – there were some interesting one, including ours – A Punch in the Face with a Smile – the official society notes were somewhat different!

We had a fun evening with some tasty whiskies, great champagnes (some new which we had never had before) and some good hearty food! A slightly different way to spend Valentines Day!