My First Supper Club

Friday night finally arrived, the long wait was over.  Six months ago my friend Rebecca and I decided we had to go to a supper club, though naturally we didn’t do anything about it until about a month ago, when Charlie and Evelyn’s Table announced they were going to be back in the kitchen over the summer.  Where better to have our first supper club experience than in Edinburgh’s first supper club!

We secured our places at the first sitting in their new flat, emails were exchanged and finally we were there. Rachel greeted us with a warm welcome and showed us to the living room where our fellow diners where waiting, chatting away over wine.  Chris then came to welcome us and talk us through the menu for the evening, which sounded divine.  As we were all getting to know each other,  Rachel and Chris reappeared with canapés –  light and cheesy Stilton Gougeres and a delicious Seared tuna with radish and wasabi.

We then moved through to the dining room for the main event. For an amuse bouche we were treated to Pappa al pomodoro, a hearty tomato-bread soup, which was delicious, with a really lovely fresh tomato flavour


For starter we were served a Pea and mint risotto with Parmesan crisps.  I love peas, especially the smell of fresh peas! The course was fresh, light and tasty.  The parmesan crisp was lovely, and I could have eaten a whole bowl of those as well!


For main course, we had seabass with a chive crème fraiche, artichoke, green beans and new potatoes.  I am a fan of seabass, I like chunky white fish the most, so was pleased to see this on the menu! The chive crème fraiche was lovely with it, as were the vegetables and the potatoes. I  haven’t actually been an artichoke fan in the past, but this was really tasty, and I may actually eat it again in the future!


To finish up it was a Raspberry Tart, with lime and mint on top.  The pastry was sweet, which complimented the light cream and juicy raspberries perfectly!


I was full after all this, but managed to finish the meal off with a cup of tea and delicious chocolatey homemade truffle!

A wonderful evening was had, with great food and good company.  I will definitely be back at Charlie and Evelyn’s table, and would recommend to anyone to try to get a spot at one of their suppers!


  1. domestikate says:

    It was a great night, wasn’t it? And when did you sneakily take these photos? You were very subtle!


    1. Queen of Everything says:

      It was a fab night! I was just speedy/silent taking the photos when the rest of you were tucking in!! Stealth photography!!


  2. Kate B says:

    Fab photos my dear 🙂 looks yummy xxx


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