♥ Kate Spade ♥


Oooooohhhh what’s in the box?


Its a lovely shiny Green Patent Bag from Kate Spade!!!!


I love handbags. I love Kate Spade.  I love Kate Spade Handbags.

I was introduced to Kate Spade by a friend a few years ago, and the moment I walked into her shop in New York, I was in love.  So, a couple of weekends ago I was in London, and realised that Kate Spade had opened just off Covent Garden, and really it would be wrong not to pop in, since she had gone to all the trouble to open a shop up there. I walked into a the most colouful shop ever! it looked like summer and I instantly seen what I wanted!

So I bought it. I had to. It had my name written all over it.  I don’t normally go for bags this colour, not sure why I was attracted to it – maybe just because it was shiny!