Earthy Foods 3


On Friday Earthy Foods opened their third store in Canonmills.  As I totally love their branch up on the South Side, I was so glad that I live a stone’s throw away from this one.  I didn’t make it down there on opening day (damn you work!) but popped in as soon as I could on Saturday morning. 

What a wonderful shop with great decor! As usual, they have lots of lovely bread, making it hard to choose what to buy, but in the end I went for a delicious granary loaf, which went well with my homemade soup later that day. The display of fruit and veg is colourful and tasty looking, and knowing its all local is a bonus too.


I managed to pick up some lovely local rhubarb to make into a crumble.


Inspired by Tom Kitchin’s cooking at Science On a Plate, I added Oats and Brown Sugar to my topping, which gave it a nice crunchy texture.



Earthy has been open four days now, I have been twice and had to resist temptation to go back today, as that would actually seem a little stalkerish! I didn’t make the restaurant this time, as it was really busy.  But the deli counter food looked very tasty, and hopefully I will make it there this weekend.

I totally love the cow outside though…..