Cotton or China?

A little thing Stuart and I started on our 1st Wedding Anniversary was to buy each other a novelty gift relating to the traditional (or in some cases modern) items that are said to be for each anniversary.  For our 1st Anniversary the ‘theme’ was paper.  Stuart bought me notebooks, somewhere for me to continue my love of writing lists! I got him the Stieg Larsson trilogy.

This year traditionally its Cotton, and a modern option is China. I opted for the former, he the latter.  I have had my eye on a 1950’s Harlequin Tea Set for some time, and have managed to fail in the final stages of bidding on ebay.  However, on Saturday we went to the Flea Market at Out of the Blue, and as I walked in… there it was glistening under the lights – a 5 (ish) set Tea Set. 


A blue cup was missing – but that’s OK, a little more plundering and I will get one to fill the gap! The pink set also came with cutest little spoon, so the hunt is on to find matching ones for the other sets!


Knowing that I had been looking for one (and I think he was lacking a little inspiration!) Stuart kindly bought me it… fulfilling the China Theme (more practical than novelty!). 

However I went down the novelty route… Cotton – how many cotton things could I buy… well… Cotton Pads, Cotton Buds, Cotton Gloves, Cotton Plimsolls, Cotton T-Shirt and a Cotton Bag.  What I failed to get was Cotton Candy and the Cotton-Eyed Joe CD (not even on eBay!!) Needless to say he was impressed at how many items I managed to get relating to cotton, and even though he wont admit it… I think he quite likes the dodgy cotton plimsolls!

Next year the ‘theme’ is for Traditional –  Leather and for Modern – Crystal or Glass… better get our thinking caps on for that one!