Purple Purdies

All hail the Purple Purdie!! Sitting there in its mighty purpleness…


I should probably explain that an Irish term for the good old potato is ‘Purdie’.  But these aren’t any old purdies, no, they are Albert Bartlett Purple Majesty Potatoes.


We spotted these little beauties a few weeks ago while doing our weekly shop.  My husband wanted to try them, I didn’t.  However the other day I gave in and let him buy them (being reduced helped in that decision!).  Question was….what do we do with them? how do we eat them? Simple – bake them.  So we did. And then topped them with a big knob of butter.


Since I was hesitant about these purple majesty’s, I baked an ordinary spud with them! The purple ones were drier than the ordinary ones, and quite filling.  Not sure I would have them again, I love purple, not sure I love these!