Autumn Days

DSC_0230Today was yet another lovely autumnal day in Edinburgh, though not as chilly as you would expect for November. Since for the first time in a few weeks I haven’t been ill or working I decided that we needed to get out an enjoy this beautiful day! We moved last year to beside the botanic gardens, and to be honest, we don’t make as much use of it as we should, in fact we came here more when we lived further away than we have done since we have been here! It was lovely just wandering around, and actually finding bits of the gardens that we hadn’t seen before, such as the rock garden, this has always been closed when we have been there before.

It was nice to see amongst the reds and gold’s of autumn some really nice colourful flowers


The sun was at a low angle and provided some nice light coming into the windows in the greenhouse and in front Inverleith House itself.  We found a waterfall and some sculptures we hadn’t seen before!  I started to actually think had I actually been here before!


We made a ‘resolution’ that we will make more use of this wonderful space, we are so lucky to have somewhere so beautiful on our doorstep in the middle of the city!


Even one of the local cats knows he is on to a good thing in the Botanics – for the attention if nothing else!