Ooohh.. French Fancies…


I stumbled upon this little cafe / bakery place on East London Street on my wander home from town on Saturday.  It’s called The French Fancies and is tucked away in a basement between a grocers and a sauna! It looked really inviting on a chilly winter evening, and I spied Macarons!

Once inside, through the back is the cafe area, we didn’t go in here as it was quite late and we weren’t in the mood for tea (which is a bit of a shocker for a tea ginny like me!).  Out front there are lots of lovely looking jams and chutneys etc. and on display brightly coloured macarons and yummy looking tarts.  We ended up going for the macarons, a personal favourite of mine (my poor husband was dragged round all the macaron-eries of Paris on a trip there last year, he now knows his Laduree from his Pierre Herme!)DSC_0133

We went for 2 each, trying not to be greedy! From the top, going clockwise there was lemon, nutella, strawberry and rhubarb and ginger. They were all lovely, maybe a bit more almondy than others that I have tried, but very tasty.  Hopefully soon I will get the chance to pop in a try out their other maybe more savoury items!! If you are in the area, i would recommend trying it out!